LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer
LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer

LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer

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A portable sauna for your face


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Your skincare partner for smooth and texture-free skin! The LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer is here to quench your skin’s thirst. 

What Is It

The LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer is the world’s best-selling steamer with a no-nonsense design and an affordable price tag! 

This steamer emits a fine mist of steaming vapors that opens up your pores to purify and hydrate your skin deeply. 

Why Is It Special 

  • Deep Skin Purification and Detoxification - Opens the pores to deeply purify your skin of any impurities and detox the deeper layers of your skin. 
  • Adequate Hydration - Pushes moisture into the dermis and keeps your skin looking fresh and hydrated at all times. 
  • Natural & Easy to Use - It does not contain any harsh chemicals, and it is 100% safe and easy to use. 
  • One-Step Facial - The fine steam mist cleanses, detoxifies, decongest, and hydrates your skin in one go. 
  • Affordable Price Tag - Comes with a reasonable price tag, thus saving your money on professional facials. 

How It Works 

The LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer emits a fine mist of steamed water vapours that activate your pores and increase blood circulation. It removes dirt, makeup, and excess sebum to reveal smooth and clear skin.

At-Home Facial 

With the LUX SKIN® Facial Steamer, you can achieve salon-like facial results from the comfort of your home. Use it with your skincare products to increase absorption and get visible results faster!

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