LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler
LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler

LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler

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Effortless curls with no styling needed



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Are you tired of getting tangled in the cords of your heating tools? Get long-lasting curls without the hassle of dealing with cables with our LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler!

What It Is 

LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler is the Best-Selling Portable Hair Curler with Anti-Scald Design! 

Our cordless hair curlers provide quick and easy, salon-quality hair styling solutions on the go. 

Why Is It Special >

  • Adjustable Temperature - With six adjustable temperature settings, you can achieve a variety of curled hairstyles.
  • 6 Timer Settings - The six efficient timer settings ensure your hair faces no damage while styling.
  • Two Way Rotation - Create inward and outward curls with the two-way rotation system. 
  • Anti-Scald Design - Achieve salon-quality curls at home without burning your hand with an open curling barrel. 
  • Quick and Easy - Get trendy and beautiful curls within a few minutes.
  • Portable Design - Take your professional hairstylist with you wherever you go! 

How it Works >

The LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler features an anti-scald design that helps curl your hair without wrapping your hair around a wand. It is a safe-to-use hair styling tool for all types of hair. 

With the clear LCD display and user-friendly controls, you can choose the ideal temperature and timer for your hair type. In addition, our two-way curling system allows you to achieve inwards and outwards curls within a few minutes. 

Travel-Friendly >

With the small and portable design of the LUX SKIN® Cordless Hair Curler, you can take it with you wherever you go. You don’t have to look for power outlets on the go to heat style your hair. It comes with a 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that allows 60 minutes of obstacle-free hair styling. 

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